Photography Class Sampler

I recently took a photography class here in Maui. Each week our teacher; Krissy Millar, would talk about a different facet of photography. Our homework was to then somehow incorporate the lesson into a picture. Here are a few photographs that I sent in.


I sent the above pictures in for an assignment that had us walk around Kihei and take a single picture. I chose to take mine of some colorful mopeds lined up in front of Maui Scooter Shack in the Aloha Open Market. I admit I definitely could of framed this first picture better, but the intent of taking only one picture was so we would have to really think about our subjects, composition, and (later) how we could have done it better. A couple weeks later we had another assignment  in which we were to recreate the first photo using a new creative aspect of the subject. Because I left this project until the night before it was due, I dug around in my brother’s bottomless pile of cars and found a small toy moped to photograph.


This last picture I submitted as the last piece of homework in Mrs. Millar’s photography class. We were asked to choose our favorite picture to be printed, and I decided, after much hemming and hawing, upon this one. This picture is of my brother and grandpa walking in the rain together on a bridge in Northern California. The reason I decided on this particular picture was that I liked the way the lines of the bridge drew the viewer’s eyes toward the figures. I also  liked using black and white tones to bring more expression into the picture.

Thanks again to Mrs. Millar for teaching such a fun class!


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