Blast (Bus?) from the Past

My mom is the proud and fanatical owner of  a red-and-white ’63 Volkswagon bus, it’s been her baby for many years. She used to sell strawberries in it at farmers markets in Iowa. Now that we are in Maui however, the bus sits in the garage and is only taken out for a special trips. This past week while my grandparents were visiting, we happened to be in Walmart for something-or-other and saw it; a four-foot box emblazoned with a child-sized, exact miniature of my mother’s prized vehicle on the side. After several selfies and “THIS IS SO COOL!”s, we went on shopping. That was not the end of it however, at the end of their stay with us, my grandparents had us go to the garage and proceeded to show us their christmas present to us; the coveted box from Walmart. Never mind that none of us can actually fit in the little bus, you can plug in your phone and play music, open and close the doors, honk the horn, start the engine, and (of course) drive it at a racing pace of 5 mph. This called for a photo-shoot. Out came the deafening roar of the old and the high-pitched squeal of the new. After a good half and hour of the entire family taking pictures and getting in each other’s way, here are a few of my shots:




We’re all enjoying our new toy and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of it.

 Mele Kalikimaka! (Merry Christmas)


Check out IowaMeetsMaui to learn more of the backstory on the bus!


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