I Make Friends With Small Animals

I crouch behind a tree, my sweaty palms grasping the bundle of black machinery. I slowly inch my face around, causing the creature to fill my field of view. There it is, I think to myself. Slowly does it…don’t miss the shot… Ever so gently I bring my hands up to my eye…’CLICK’ The squirrel, no bigger than the 55 millimeter lens on the camera in my hand, flinches. It crouches, nose quivering, trying to decide the level of immediate danger the girl and her camera pose to it.


Luckily for me, after a few tense seconds it relaxes and resumes nibbling on the pinecone held in it’s paws. I take a dozen more photos before we both hear rapid footsteps approaching.


“Emma!” My brother jogs up to me, “Get over here! We found a little snake!” I look back at the squirrel, but it had scampered from its spot by my feet to a log a few yards away. I snap one more picture before joining my brother, who by this time was a good way up the path. On to a new subject.




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